About Us

Why choose Amala?

Here at Amala our delicious, grain free all life stages recipe is specially formulated to contain the most natural & wholesome British/UK sourced ingredients, some of which are from sources passed fit for human consumption with our aims being not only to provide a healthier and happier lifestyle but also to produce optimum nutrition, digestibility & flavour to provide your companion with the highest quality balanced yet of course tasty diet!

We believe that our pets deserve to have the most highest, wholesome and delicious diet. It is our belief that dogs are natural born meat eaters and therefore do not require any form of grain or gluten as part of their diet. Amala is formulated to contain NO cereals, artificial additives, rendered meat meals or fillers. Our recipe is carefully created to contain freshly prepared meats, active fruits and healthy vegetables of which are all the key to providing a naturally pure holistic diet.

Amala has been carefully developed to be suitable for all lifestages, this way from the early stages of life as puppies, to adults, through to senior dogs, they are all able to enjoy this highly nutritious, tasty recipe!

Why do we use fresh ingredients?

We believe that fresh is simply the best! What could be a tastier and fresher diet for your companion than a luscious feast of the most highest quality sources of fish and chicken?

Our recipe is formulated with freshly prepared ingredients making our recipe by nature more palatable and attractive, not only does it naturally contain high levels of nutrients & antioxidants but feeding a diet containing fresh meat is also up to 98% easier digested compared to rendered meat meals therefore making it an overall healthier diet.

Amala’s recipe contains 55% freshly prepared chicken and fish which genuinely means that less protein is needed and wasted, due to such high levels of fresh meat a smaller proportion of food is needed to be fed, making each bag of Amala more economical as well as still bursting with natural goodness and flavour!

We can be sure your pet will enjoy every bite of Amala, why not give it a try? Order your sample online from us today and if those tails are wagging for more, receive £5 off your first order with us.