Jane Miles

The ideal food for my Shar Pei who has sensitivities to wheat, rice and soya (amongst other things). She also has kidney failure, but the quality of protein in Amala is excellent so I’m happy to let her have a higher protein level than normal. The customer service is also excellent and I have no hesitation in recommending both food and company.

Julie Hadjitsangari

I have a 12yr young beautiful dog. We got her 6 yrs ago from a local rescue centre. She is on steroids for biting herself so much it turns into an infection. For the last 4 yrs she’s been on post op easy to digest food from our vets (££) her tummy is really sensitive, we can only give her cera veggie treats. 7 weeks ago I tried her on Amala … Her skin has improved so much we only need steroids 3 times a week, no sickness just a happy dog with a very shiny coat . Please try this food for your dog!!! I’m so pleased that a small company has stepped up to the mark.

Samantha Greenhaf

We brought our new puppy home a few days ago. She was on wainwrights salmon and rice puppy food. She wasn’t eating a huge amount and her stools were a bit loose. Pets take away gave me a free sample of the Amala food. Our puppy loves it!! She’s now finishing her meals. As we had some wainwrights left we tried to mix it with some Amala to use it up, she wouldn’t even touch it. Safe to say that we will be back ASAP to stock up. And plus we have the bonus of not having to change her food from puppy to adult etc.

Rachel Patten

A big hit in my household for a working cocker cross and a lab cross. Great ingredients, with no cereals or their by products! And cost effective too. Not to mention very tasty going by the speed of eating!!

Sally Alcock

We have a 11week sprocket, 1 year old Sheltie, 2&4 year old border and they are all on it, we recently tried them with burns and we are definitely going back amala the difference in them is amazing! Let’s just say it makes cleaning up after them a lot better!& bowls always empty! Defo recommend!!

Alice Louise

Puppy (16 months) has been on Amala dry since we’ve had him, changed his wet to Amala once it became available. 5* food puppies fave is sweet potato grain free

Debbie Simpson

Bought my 8 week old springer puppy Alfie home last week , had free sample of amala and he loved it so we were straight back in for more supplies thank you

Anne Hooper

Well my two certainly like it, ones even rated a full bowl this morning, they don’t usually eat until late at night. Xx

Amy Harkins

This is Rio’s 3rd bag of the Amala recipe & is loving it! Changed him over to Amala since he lost interest in his last food. I Don’t have that problem anymore. He’s doing great on it!

Lauren Ravenscroft

Ollie loves his new Amala food, thanks for recommending!!

Soph Davies

Bobby loves his new food! Thanks a millions guys I think I’ll be getting some more from you soon x